Security Q&A

VRSCO realizes how important Internet security is to you, so we've taken a number of steps to help enhance the safety and confidentiality of information that is transmitted through the Internet to RM. The most important aspect of any security policy, however, is careful monitoring by you.

Q:Is my confidential information secure on this Web site?
A.VRSCO requires the use of a "secure Internet session" through a protocol called Secured Socket Layer (SSL) whenever confidential information is passed over the Internet. This includes use of Retirement Manager.

Q:What is a "secure Internet session" and how does it help keep my confidential information safe?
A.During a secure Internet session using SSL, your computer and VRSCO's server exchange "keys." These keys are used to scramble -- or encrypt -- the conversation. This creates a private conversation that only your computer and VRSCO's server can understand.

Q:What components are necessary to enable SSL?
A.SSL requires two components: an SSL-compatible browser, which you supply, and a Web server to perform the "key exchange," which VRSCO supplies. Most of the current browsers support SSL; examples include Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you don't already have a browser that supports SSL capabilities, you should download one and install it before using the secure sections of this Web site. You can download an SSL browser from either of the links below:
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Q:What type of Internet connection do I need?
    A.Nearly all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) automatically enable SSL sessions, as do online services such as If you are using your employer's internal connection to the Internet and you find that you cannot access the RM's secured pages with an SSL-enabled browser, your company may be blocking access with a "firewall." Please speak to your employer's Internet access system administrator for further details on your particular network set up.

    Q:When do I enter into a "secure Internet session" on RM?
    A.The following sections are secured using SSL technology due to personal information being transmitted across the Internet:
  • Retirement Manager

  • Q:Why do I need an ID and password to access Retirement Manager?
    A.The login ID and password are an additional level of security above the secure Internet session. It lets VRSCO verify exactly who you are and prevents unauthorized access to your account information or to account-related transactions. You should NEVER share your ID and/or password with anyone.

    Q:What should I do if I am using a "public" computer to access my account information on the RM?
    A.Internet browsers often "caches" pages (temporarily stores them locally on a computer) as you look at them. If you are using a "public" computer, you may want to clear away these temporary files so that other users will not be able to see your information. Most browsers have features that allow you to clear these temporary files. You can also clear the cache by closing your browser software.